What if my school, group or organisation is not registered to use Pinboard?

Simply REGISTER HERE and we can set up your group.

Who can use Pinboard?

Pinboard can be used by any school, group or organisation whose members would like to communicate with each other via a private, weekly email newsletter on to which any member of the group can post into categories of ‘Offered’, ‘Wanted’ or ‘Recommended’.
Anyone requesting membership to a particular newsletter will be verified before gaining access.

Do I have to pay to use the service?

Pinboard is currently a free service to both schools/groups and subscribers.

How often will I receive my Pinboard email newsletter?

You will receive your Pinboard email newsletter regularly once per week. (If you are a school this will be during term time only).

How do I sign up to use Pinboard?

If your group/school already has a Pinboard, simply ‘SIGN UP' If your school/group does not have a Pinboard ‘REGISTER HERE

How do I post things to my school, group or organisation’s pinboard?

Once you are signed up, simply ‘MAKE A POST’ to categories of ‘wanted’, ‘offered’ or ‘recommended’.

Who will see my post once I have added it to Pinboard?

Only fellow Pinboard subscribers within your enclosed school/group community will see your post.

Do I need to post in order to receive the newsletter?

No. As a Pinboard member you can be as passive or as active as you like.

What happens if I want to change or update my email address?

Simply re-register HERE and we will let you know once you’ve been verified.

What if I want to delete my post before it goes out?

You have until the day before your newsletter goes out to delete your post. Simply follow MANAGE MY POST

Can I join more than one Pinboard?

It is possible to join multiple Pinboards as long as you have a legitimate associations with each group and are verified by that school, group or organisation. Simply follow ADD ANOTHER PINBOARD

I have signed up to Pinboard but I am not receiving anything?

Please check your spam and junk folders for your ‘verification’ email and newsletter. And please make sure you add us to your contacts.

Any further queries?

Please contact us on info@pinboard.com.