What is Pinboard?

Pinboard is a single, weekly email only sent to your school or group. Just like a pinboard in a hallway you can post and read useful OFFERED, WANTED and RECOMMENDED suggestions to and from people you know and trust.  

PINBOARD IS ALSO NOW AN APP – where you can reach all our Pinboard groups (‘Pinboard World’) and discover lots more – DOWNLOAD HERE

What if my school or group doesn't have it’s own Pinboard?

Simply REGISTER HERE to set up one up, it’s an easy process. 

Who can use Pinboard?

Pinboard can be used by any school, group or organisation whose members would like to communicate with each other via a private, weekly newsletter.  Any member of the group can then post into categories of ‘Offered’, ‘Wanted’ or ‘Recommended’ on the newsletter.

Anyone requesting membership to a particular newsletter will be verified before gaining access.

How much does Pinboard cost?

Setting up Pinboard and the app are free-of-charge. In order to keep the Pinboard mechanism possible, there is a ‘Pay-to-post’ element for commercial posts such as Business (£30 for your own Pinboard and £90 to ‘Boost’ across our wider network) and Properties (£60 for your own Pinboard and £180 to ‘Boost’ across our wider network). 10% of every paid-for-post will go towards supporting the school’s bursary or chosen charity. 

How often will I receive my Pinboard email newsletter?

You will receive your Pinboard email newsletter regularly once per week.  If you download the App you will be able to post to Pinboard World and reach all Pinboard groups at any time.

How do I sign up to use my group’s Pinboard?

If your group/school already has a Pinboard, simply ‘SIGN UP' If your school/group does not have a Pinboard ‘REGISTER HERE’

You can also sign up to Pinboard via the App, just DOWNLOAD IT HERE

How is the app different to my usual Pinboard newsletters?

The App gives you the best Pinboard experience. You can read your weekly newsletter on it and also:

- reach all our great Pinboard groups in ‘Pinboard World’ and share your posts with the wonderful, highly engaged Pinboard community

- create and edit your posts very easily from your phone

- direct-message other users anytime

- SEARCH the archive of recent, previous Pinboard newsletters 

- FAVOURITE and save the best posts

- use the SOS function to make instant posts between the newsletters 

- read our fabulous new editorial including expert hot tips and recommendations in ‘GUEST POST’


How do I post things to my school, group or organisation’s pinboard?

Once you are signed up, simply ‘MAKE A POST’ to categories ‘offered’, ‘wanted’ or ‘recommended’. You can also post really easily and quickly via the App. DOWNLOAD HERE

Who will see my post once I have added it to Pinboard?

Only fellow Pinboard subscribers within your enclosed school/group community will see your post.  If you want to reach all groups, just DOWNLOAD THE APP and you will be able to post to Pinboard World. 

What happens if I want to change or update my email address?

Sign in with your current email address and go to ‘My Settings’ where you can change your email address. Or if you have the App just go to ‘My Profile’ to change your email address. 

What if I want to edit or delete my post before it goes out?

Posts can’t be edited once you have uploaded them, but if there is anything urgent, just contact us at info@pinboard.com. You have until the day before your newsletter goes out to delete your post. Simply follow MANAGE MY POST or if you have the App just go to ‘My Posts’ in ‘Settings’. 

I’m having problems uploading my photo?

Try to use screen grabs or smaller photos, also things look better on ‘landscape’ rather than portrait. Also try not to upload visuals with lots of words but rather copy and paste the text into the post. 

Can I post something for a friend?

Yes of course, but your name will be added to the end of the post as you are the member. You can put your friend’s details in the body of the post. 

Do I have to add my name, or can I be anonymous?

Your name will automatically be included on the post as you are a member of Pinboard. Each Pinboard is a closed and trusted group, so just like the chatting or swapping tips at a coffee morning, there’s no need for anyone to be anonymous. 

But remember you can always ASK PINBOARD (feature on APP)anonymously for help or advice with anything, however commonplace or sensitive. You can also post replies to any questions on ASK and you will not be identified (unless you want to be). 

Can I pay to put my business on more than one Pinboard?

You can on the App, in ‘Pinboard World’. Alternatively you can contact us on info@pinboard.com to discuss bespoke advertising or sponsorship opportunities on the email or the App. 

Can I join more than one Pinboard?

It is possible to join multiple Pinboards as long as you have a legitimate associations with each group and are verified by that school, group or organisation. Simply ‘JOIN ANOTHER PINBOARD’ when you’ve logged in or if you have the App. If you want to reach our wider community, you can now do so in Pinboard World via the APP.

How long does it take to be verified?

Your School / group’s verifier is notified once a day if they have new members waiting to join but do contact us at info@pinboard.com if you’ve been waiting longer than a couple of days. 

Can I be included as a Happy or Culture Post?

Our Happy and Culture Posts are our own genuine recommendations and not advertisements. (If you have something that you feel might be very much up Pinboard’s street, then do let us know at info@pinboard.com)

Are Pinboards edited?

All Pinboard posts are checked before they are added to a newsletter to ensure that there is nothing inappropriate. We might do some gentle tinkering if required to ensure the post makes sense but we would contact you before substantially altering the post. We retain the right not to publish any post if we feel it is not helpful to Pinboard readers, or if businesses are over-posting. 

How do I know that I can trust something which is posted on Pinboard?

Just like a physical pinboard, it’s your responsibility as a responder of the post to make any necessary checks if you’re interested in following up on a post.

How can I find posts from old newsletters?

If you subscribe to the App you will be able to SEARCH the archive of old Pinboard newsletters and you can also use the FAVOURITE function to build your own ultimate address book. DOWNLOAD HERE.

I’m having problems changing my password

You might have tried to reset the password twice and received more than one email with a link - in that case you should always use the link from the latest email, which will be the one that works. 

You might have taken too much time to open the password reset link. Due to security reasons the reset link expires after a while - in that case just reset again and use the link from the new/latest email. 

Any further queries?

Please contact us on info@pinboard.com or click on ‘Contact Us’ on the App.