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About us

Pinboard was started in 2011 by three users at a London prep school who wanted to sort the most useful school-gate chat into a single, easy, organised way of pooling wisdom. One that everybody could share.

Pinboard is now a weekly email that acts like a traditional school notice board for users within a particular Group/School/Community.

It is neutral, simple to use, community spirited, extremely helpful, and free to both users and groups, schools and communities.

It is a secure, trusted and enjoyable weekly read that arrives on the same morning every week during term time.

Pinboard submissions are moderated by the Pinboard team.

Each Group/School/Community has a dedicated ‘Pinboard Representative’ contact who acts as a bridge between the users, their Group/School/Community, and Pinboard.

Pinboard is not associated with any Group/School/Community, but is an optional service for users at any particular Group/School/Community who want a structured, easy and rewarding connection to their local community.